Hi, I'm Amy


I'm the face behind the computer who makes engaging with your followers a breeze. While studying Marketing and Music Industry in college at Troy University, I first dipped my toes in the world of social media...


The ability to connect with people from all over the world while at the same time gathering quantitative data about those connections is a magical thing! I've spent most of my career in Nashville working with musicians and bands, which provided hands on experience in creating and engaging online communities. Over the past year, I've used this experience to expand my work to include small businesses as well.

The Collective Slate

A lot of people have apprehensions about hiring a freelancer. Most of us are one-person operations and you're handing over an important aspect of your business to us. What happens if I get sick or have a family emergency with no office staff or co-workers to pick up the slack? This is where The Collective Slate comes in. It's really simple, we're a bunch of people in all corners of the world all working under the umbrella of The Media Slate. This collective gives both freelancers and our clients peace of mind in knowing that someone will be there to pick up the work if needed. We each have our own clients, quarterly goals, and strengths. The benefits of working with a collective group are endless, from needing extra help to handle an influx of clients to completing a project that's outside of my area of expertise, The Collective Slate provides the resources to make it happen.