Is a Social Media Audit Right for Me?

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The landscape of social media is constantly changing, and there is so much differing advice out there on the internet, how are you supposed to keep up when you're a one-person or small team trying to run a business? The secret is that you don't have to do it alone! Even if you aren't able to afford to bring on a social media manager in a permanent role, there are ways to get a little help & make the digital space less intimidating for a very low investment: Social Media Audits!

You may be asking yourself what a social media audit even is or how it could possibly help your business. Everyone structures them a little differently, but the basic premise is that a social media manager/strategist takes a look at all of your current platforms, the types of content you're posting, your overall business goals, and evaluates what's working and what is honestly a waste of time. From there, you'll work together to come up with a new strategy and options for implementing that plan to get the most out of your social media accounts. This is incredibly valuable if you're currently in a place where you know that DIY-ing social media is what is best financially, but really aren't sure if you're getting a return on the effort that you're putting in. Or even if you just aren't sure where to start!

In my case, social media audits have proven to be beneficial for clients across all industries. From small business owners that are just dipping their toes into the digital world to independent musicians that know the importance of connecting with fans in the digital space but struggle with the right balance of content. My audit packages offer an initial consultation, in-person or remote, to fill me in on what your goals are & how you're currently managing your socials. After I dig in & do the actual audit, we'll have another meeting to go over what I've found and my suggestions. In this second meeting, we can discuss your options for completely implementing the new plan yourself or outsourcing parts of it (like new graphics creation or blog writing, for example). Once it's back in your hands, I'm available for help via email and we'll have one final meeting 30 days later to see how the plan is working from your perspective and what improvements can be made for the future. 

Now is the time to start getting new systems in place for 2018, so don't wait to for the calendar to change to make changes. Let's chat about how an audit can help you! Get in touch with me here.

Why Every Business Should Have a Blog

Every business needs a blog. Yes, that means you! And if you're a musician, you should consider your music career as your business, so this even applies to you.

Right now some of you are probably ready to close the page and thinking that I can't be serious or that your type of business is the only exception. You're probably saying to yourself "But Amy, why would I need a blog?" The truth is, no matter what you're doing, you have something to share with the world that you are an expert on. If you are a real estate agent, you are an expert in what types of homes are selling in your area right now or what updates home buyers are looking for. If you run an auto shop, you are a source of information on auto repair and maintenance. If you have a band, you are the number one source of info regarding what's happening within the band and the only place people can go for the inside scoop! So why wouldn't you take advantage of what you have to share?

The truth is that a blog can help your business exponentially and become a free or inexpensive means of advertising. For starters, it gives you more content for SEO. We won't dive into the details of that today, but know that when done properly, it makes your website and your business more easily searchable on the web. This same content can also be used to populate your social media pages. Social media is all about sharing useful information with your followers. Why constantly point them to someone else's blog or online news source when you could be sending them to yours? These are your potential customers and fans! A majority of the time, once people read your blog post, they'll spend a few minutes looking around the rest of your website too.

Arguably one of the most important reasons is because a blog helps establish you as an expert in your field. It helps answer the "why" for a potential customer wondering if they should hire you. And it creates a community feel, which is especially helpful for all of you musicians out there!

For most people, starting a blog is fairly simple and can be done within your existing website. You can outsource anything from just the initial set up and design all the way to the actual writing of each post. If you're ready to add a blog to your website & need a little help getting started, shoot me an email!