I Have Social Media Accounts, but What Should I Post?


You understand the importance of social media, so you've signed up for everything you can think of -- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, even Snapchat. The problem is that your unsure of what to post, so sometimes days or weeks go by with no content. Sound familiar?

You are definitely not alone. Understanding each different social media channel and coming up with a strategy for what to post and when is honestly really tough! If you don't have a background in marketing and are trying to DIY your socials, it can be overwhelming. Let's start today with a few simple posting ideas that can kickstart your planning:


Branded Graphics: This is a simple way to create shareable content that also reinforces your brand. It could be a motivational quote that you love, a song lyric for musicians, or an industry tip related to your business (remind me of how to check the tread on my tires, give me a tip on brewing coffee at home, share a stat on how alarm systems reduce break-ins, etc.). As I mentioned in a previous post, Canva is an easy way to create these. (You can see some examples here & here.)

Get Personal: People interact well with things they can relate to. Professionalism is great, but pull back the curtain just a bit to let your followers get to know the person/people behind the brand. I'll admit this is a little easier for my musician friends, but it's doable for everyone! Post photos & introductions of the people behind your business. If you have a large company, you can even choose to spotlight staff members on specific days. Elaborate on the story behind the brand. What sparked your interest in your field? Why did you start this company? When did you start playing music? 

Behind the Scenes: What is it that only those close to you get to see? Maybe it's your workspace or the assembly line where products are made. Behind the scenes shots make followers feel like they're getting an exclusive look into something the public doesn't usually see. And they're especially fun for Instagram Stories & Snapchat. If you're a musician or other public figure, this is where you can even show off your hobbies. Do you like to cook? Are you a gym rat? Is horseback riding your thing? Share it! For a larger company, maybe you have a monthly Friday happy hour for employees or other events that your team does together. Maybe you have an unofficial warehouse mascot or Mrs. Ann at the front desk brings in the best homemade cookies once a week. All these little things makeup the bigger picture & people love to see it! My rule of thumb for this type of post is the farther it strays from professionalism and your brand message, it belongs in an Instagram Story or Snapchat.

Share Content Created by Others: There's no rule that says everything you share must come from you. Almost every industry has a trade magazine and every city definitely has a newspaper. Find articles or blog posts that relate to your business & share away! I routinely share from places like Inc. Magazine, Create + Cultivate, and local Nashville news on my Facebook and Twitter. It's a great way to broaden your content offerings and give something of value to your followers.

The Typical, Expected Things: This is the the core of your business or brand. What is it that you're doing/selling? Photos of products, show posters, photos from shows, something that pushes the service that you offer. The meat & potatoes of what you're all about. A lot of people get stuck here and this is all they post about. When that happens, you'll typically find that people stop engaging as much with your posts. We're all bombarded by advertising literally all day, from billboards to television commercials, and it's really not what we want to constantly see on social media. That's not to label this type of content as all "bad", it's actually very necessary. Balance is the key. If you're rotating this type of post in with those mentioned above and keeping your feed varied, you'll be all set!

These basics will give you a good place to start in posting regularly and engaging with your audience. Want to dive a little deeper? I offer strategy sessions where we will brainstorm & plan a custom content calendar tailored to you! Get in touch with me here to schedule a meeting!