A Little Life and Business Update

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I don't normally use this space to talk about my personal life, but after being somewhat MIA since January I think it's needed. And these days, my personal life is shaping the direction of my business.

On January 4th of this year we welcomed our son Arlo into the world. Having experience working with children in daycare settings and nannying, I thought I knew what motherhood would look like. I was fully prepared to take about a month off for us to "settle in" and then dive back into work full force. I mean, I work from a computer and newborns nap, plus my husband also works from home, so how hard could it be?! Like any great thing that happens in our lives, bringing Arlo home was nothing like I had planned.

This little boy has rocked our world and challenged us in all the best ways possible. After all, you can't grow and change without a little push sometimes. He's never been a fan of consistent naps or really napping without being held. And he loves his mama fiercely. Often times I am the only one who can comfort his cries (although daddy's mandolin playing & singing do a great job too!). Then there's breastfeeding, which has been a journey in itself. You can't fully understand until you have a high needs baby just how much of an all consuming job they will be. But it's the best full-time job I've ever had!

Needless to say, work has had to go on the back burner while we continue to figure out what our new normal is. With that, there has been some time to think about the direction that I really want my business to go. While I love social media and the connection that it allows for a person or business to make with consumers all over the world, I've been gradually making the shift over to the content creation side of things. It's been a natural transition that really works better for this season of life where I'm able to squeeze in working hours during the occasional solo nap or late at night after baby's bedtime. Not to mention, I really like writing! I've been quietly working away the past few weeks at writing for a variety of smaller projects to be sure this is the right thing for me, and it's working beautifully. But I'll still be managing socials & working with strategy, just in a more streamlined and selective way.

Over the next month or so, you'll start to see some changes here and on my own socials as I shift my focus and start to share some of my portfolio of work. I'm excited for these changes and can't wait to see how my work grows alongside my little guy!

(Of course, I had to include some pictures of the cuteness that consumes my days now!)