There is No Single Formula for Social Media Success

No Formula For Social Media Success.png

I talked about this a bit on my social pages last week, but it's become a conversation that I have almost weekly. Someone read the latest article from a social media "expert" that claims if you aren't doing exactly XYZ (posting to snapchat daily, styling your Instagram posts with a single cohesive look or color scheme, going live on Facebook weekly even though you hate being in front of the camera, insert the last tip you heard here), then you will never have any success with your social media strategy.

Guys, I have to be honest. This is NOT true! And it's my biggest pet peeve! The truth is, there is no single strategy or platform that works across all industries or for every account. Social media isn't a formula where if you do A + B, you'll have tons of customers and instant success. (I mean, if it was that simple, you'd never need to hire someone like me!) It's trail and error as you learn about your particular audience and your customers.

Sure, there are some best practices for each platform. But like any great traditional marketing plan, your social media plan should be tailored to your business, your customers, and where they're the most active. Also, especially in the beginning, it should be about where you're the most comfortable. If videos aren't your thing or snapchat makes your head spin, there's no need to dive in to everything at once. Focus on what you are comfortable with and grow from there. Just like any other aspect of your business, it can be one step at a time that builds and grows along the way.

If anyone is telling you that a certain platform is dead, or another is the ultimate answer and you have to be on it, run away fast! Find someone who will help you create a plan that is unique to you, because that's where success is found.